Virtual Event


Creative Direction Branding & Design Illustration Animation

To celebrate this year's Bicycle Day, our friends at Liminalia approached us to provide art, design, and creative direction for an interactive/ virtual event for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Titled "Bicycle Night", the goal of the project was to create a visually stimulating web portal and unique event infrastructure that allowed attendees to immerse themselves in a wide array of virtual experiences, art rooms, guided workshops, livestreams, and more.

Creative Process

With a week to go from concept to finished website, we worked alongside a dream team of artists, developers, and creators to breathe life into our vision. From the get go, our creative intentions were to provide a series of side scroll-able visual environments and cohesive brand presence that as a whole felt "tastefully psychedelic" and played off of the well-known story of Albert Hoffman's discovery of LSD, today celebrated as Bicycle Day. We worked closely with our collaborators, Liminalia, MAPS, and developers to weave together an event identity, logo, social media content, and animated web assets that were visually stimulating, made use of vivid colors, and encapsulated the event's impactful narrative. The final product was a unique, side scrolling website that took viewers through the website's various hosted rooms via bike ride and narrative driven animated visual environments.

The event website hosted more than 40+ unique virtual experiences hosted by musicians, artists, and creators from around the world and drew over 12,000 unique visitors over the course evening.

Client:     MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) / Liminalia

Art + Design / Creative Direction:     Kyle Gordon

Creative & Digital Experience Design:     Patricia Parkinson (Liminalia)

Art Lead:     Erica Blair (Liminalia)

Safety & Virtual Security:     Scarlet Masius (Liminalia)

Dev, Project Management:     Wesley Evans

Web Development:     Sam O'Keeffe

Art Room Management:     Brooke Daily

Proposal Manager:     Romie Littrell

Additional Devs:     Matthew Goodman

Volunteer Coordinator:     Echo Giesel

MAPS Team:     Merete Christiansen, Grace Cepe

Special Thanks:     All our amazing volunteers, digital rangers, art room hosts, and contributors.