For the 2014 Life in Color Festival in Miami Florida, I was commissioned to create custom visual content and VJ for the Festival’s Main Stage. Working alongside Infinight Visuals, we recreated the Miami skyline/ InterContinental Hotel’s appearance by producing custom perspective effects to give the audience a more dramatic experience, shooting custom green screen content to re-visualize the hotel’s LED window dancers, and preparing audio reactive clip elements. Taking the content we produced and content I’ve created in the past, we custom tailored live VJ sets for every artist performing on the main stage, including custom logo visuals, matching the artists’ visual aesthetic, etc.

The images in this gallery show some shots of my content and VJ sets during artists such as Nervo, Kaskade, Carnage, Deorro, The Chainsmokers, Juicy J, and more.

ProjectLife in Color | Paint FactoryYear2014ClientSFXServicesVisuals & Animation, Video Operation, Production Design, Projection MappingPhotosDarrin Harris Frisby, Joanna Hossack, Life in ColorCollaboratorsInfinight Visuals


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