Creative Direction Motion Design VJ Services

For his 2019 show dates, our team was brought back to continue developing and evolving Said the Sky's live show.


2019 was a year of massive growth for Trevor Christensen (Said the Sky), scaling up his production, incorporating live strings in addition to his usual drum line, and having our team get more involved and scale up the visual portion of his show. This year marks the 4th year working with Said the Sky.

For 2019, we built upon and added new content to Trevor's current live show, creating new intro, lyric, and video elements. All these new additions serve to gradually transition Trevor's current live aesthetic in preparations for a new live show coming in 2020.

In addition to video content services and creative direction, our team provided VJ services for his larger shows at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Hollywood Palladium, Academy LA, the Ogden, and many more.

Client:     Said the Sky

Animation & Video Editing:     Kyle Gordon

Production:     Nexus Productions

Audio:     Cameron Scurek

Drum Masters:     Day Gatsby, Jack Buford

TM:     Michael Bedard

Photos:    EMP Media

Special Thanks:     Trevor Christensen, Ash Stahl, & Max Freeman