Video Operation Motion Design

Towards the end of summer, Salesforce joined forced with Daybreaker SF to throw a dance party in downtown San Francisco. Our role was to utilize Salesforce's 8k video display and come up with a series of on-brand content for both Salesforce and Daybreaker SF that evolves throughout the event's different phases.

Client Backgrounds

Daybreaker is an early morning, sober dance movement in 27 cities around the world and growing. Their mission is to get people moving and have some fun before the typical work day begins. Salesforce is one of the most prominent tech companies in the United States. The cloud-based software company specializes in customer-relationship management (CRM) services and enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development.

Having joined forces to throw an event for their interns, Daybreaker SF and Salesforce approached our team to spearhead all their video content needs, including branded logo stings, mood specific ambient visualizations, and on-site video operation.

The event started off in the typical Daybreaker fashion, with an hour of yoga. For this segment, our team prepared a series of nature and organic inspired content to serve as ambient backgrounds that slowly took participants throughout the phases of each day. The hour began with a sunrise phase (bright warm content), transitioned to daytime colored visuals (blues and sunny skies), and concluded with a sunset phase (warm pinks and deep purples).

The second portion of event was the dance party, and consistent of high energy animated content drawing from themes of outer space, technology, and colorful abstract universes.