Every year, the Skoll Foundation holds an event between April 4-8 at Oxford University in the UK to bring together social entrepreneurs from around the world. For the 2017 Skoll World Forum, I worked closely with Skoll’s creative director, Phil Collis, to develop an overarching aesthetic and visual content to drive the event’s week-long plenaries and ceremonies. Using content from collaborators and world renowned photographers, I built out a series of speaker/award intros, stunning 4K backdrops/slideshows, keynote backdrops, and additional dynamic content to be fused with live video feeds and evolving segments of the show.

I was onsite with my show servers for a week working closely with the Skoll Foundation crew and Partytecture production team to fine tune everything, create a show that was seamless/immersive, and further the Skoll brand and cause.

ProjectSkoll World Forum 2017Year2017ClientSkoll FoundationServicesAnimation, Visual Design, Video Operation, Creative DirectionProductionPartytecturePhotosSkoll FoundationCollaboratorsPhil Collis, Gabriel Diamond, Annie Griffith, Daily Overview


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