For their 2018 World Forum, the Skoll Foundation invited us back to create the visual component for their event week’s plenaries. Every year, the Skoll World Forum brings together social entrepreneurs from around the world to collaborate, inspire, and discuss global issues at Oxford University in the UK. For this year’s forum, I had a more hands on approach throughout the creative process, from designing the stage’s video layout to coming up with a unique visual aesthetic that heightened the audience’s experience.

The theme for the event was “proximity”, so I incorporated visual elements and animation techniques to convey and bolster the week’s overarching message. We worked closely with the creative team at the Skoll Foundation and the event’s production crew, Partytecture, to fuse all the visual elements into one seamless visual show. After all the visual components was completed, I spent the week programming and operating the video portion of the show throughout each of the event’s plenary presentations.

Year2018ClientSkoll FoundationServicesEvent Design, Visuals, Video Operation, Creative DirectionAnimationKyle GordonProductionPartytecturePhotosSkoll FoundationCollaboratorsPhil Collis, Gabriel Diamond


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