Creative Direction Motion Design 3D Animation

To promote the launch of his new project, What the F, our team was approached by Ferry Corsten to create a teaser video incorporating custom character design, creative direction, and narrative.

Creative Process

The project began in close collaboration with Brandon Ginsberg (Red Light Management) and artist, Oska. Brandon and our team developed a narrative for the teaser building upon the Ferry Corsten brand, while incorporating a unique character illustration/concept provided by Oska. From there we set out to put together the project storyboard, build and rig the character in 3D, and develop the tunnel environment using Cinema 4D + Octane Render.

To give the piece some added realism and detail, we developed custom clothing and cloth simulations using Marvelous Designer. We also created an audio reactive light rig environment from within the tunnel to animate to the audio track cut together by Ferry. The final spray paint scene was constructed using particle simulations to replicate real world spray paint physics.

Client:     Ferry Corsten (What the F)

Animation:     Kyle Gordon

Character Design:     Oska

Collaborators:     Brandon Ginsberg (Red Light Management), Oska